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In this category we make Reproduced Gramophones, Clocks, Telephones and Nautical items like Compasses, Telescopes, Sextants, Magnifiers, etc.

These Clocks are made of Brass with thick glass in a ball shape. These are priced US$ 25.00 per unit.

brass framed, glass table clock

wooden antique finished wall clocks

Other watches in antique look are also available. Like watches with Pendulum etc.

brass telescope

Brass Carved Telescope priced at US $ 26.00 comes with a Leather case. In the range of telescopes comes large telescopes which are fitted on stands and are priced in the range of US$ 90.00


magnifying glass

Magnifying Glass made of Brass is in the range of  US$ 10.00


There is a huge variety of Compasses like Mini Compass, Brunton Compass, Directional Compass etc. These range from US$ 2.50 to US$ 25.00

telephone instruments

Antique looking Telephones are also made and are in the range of US$ 100.00

reproduced gramophones Reproduced gramophones.
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