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wrought iron products

This three shelf rack is made of Wrought Iron rods and can be made is different sizes and finishes. This particular piece is in Burnt wax finish.
wrought iron 3 shelf rack in burnt wax finish
wrought iron chair in burnt wax finish

This Burnt wax finish Chair is made along with host of other designs. This chair is priced at US$ 25.00

wrought iron stool in burnt wax finish

This is a Wrought Iron rod stool and is priced at US$ 25.00

wrought iron fire set

This Fire Set is made of Wrought Iron and is priced at US$ 10.00 Other designs of fire sets are also available. Fire sets in brass are also made.

Lamps made of Wrought iron are also made with matching Wrought Iron Lamp shades. These are in the range of US$4.00 to US$10.00

lamps in wood, wrought iron, brass
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