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christmas ornaments

Our most popular Christmas hangings are made of Lac Mirror work. These are very small pieces of mirror glued together. There are hundreds of designs and colors  to suit every requirement. The shapes we make are: Sun, Moon, Star, Bell, Ball, Flying Bird, Angel, Santa, Tree etc.
The other materials we use to make Christmas Hangings are PapierMache, Iron Cut Sheet, Embroidered Zari etc.

wrought iron christmas tree with lac mirror work christmas ornaments

The Christmas Tree is made of Wrought Iron and is priced at US$ 6.50
The Christmas Ornaments are made of Lac mirror and are priced in the range of US$ 0.40 to US$ 2.00

x'mas tree
easter eggs
We make Easter Eggs also which are made of Brass, Lac mirror, Papier Mache, Soap Stone etc.
These eggs come with Brass Egg Stands.


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