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   wrought iron products

  In this category we make Candle Holders, Wind Chimes, Lamps, Lanterns, Trays, Toys, Furniture & its accessories like Chairs, Racks, Tables, Dinning Sets, etc.
We use Wrought Iron and we can give the following finishes as per requirement:
Powder Coated, Dip painted (antique look), Spay painted, Multicolored, Raw finish with Rust, Burnt wax finish.
    wrought iron candle holders  
  These are Wrought Iron Candle Holders with Lamp Shade. These are in two finishes: Golden and Silver and are priced at US$ 4.50  
      wrought iron candle holders  
  Wrought Iron Candle Holder with Nickel plating. This set of three pieces costs US$ 7.50

    alluminum lamps    
  Wrought Iron Lantern in Silver finish. These can also be powder coated in black or any other color. There are hundreds of other designs in this category.  
  This is a Wrought Iron Candle Holder in Burnt Wax finish and is priced at US$ 8.00  
    wrought iron candle holders  
  Wrought Iron Candle Holders in Burnt Wax finish and priced US$ 5.00 per set.  
  wrought iron candle holders    
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