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misc. products

chess sets, back gammon, domino, carry bridge, solitare
chess set

These are Wooden Travelling Chess Sets, Carrybrigde, Domino. Other items in this category are Solitaire, Back Gammon, etc. The prices are in the range of US$ 2.00 to US$ 6.00

These are Incense Holders made of Clay and then hand painted. These can also be used as candle holders. These cost US$ 1.00 per unit. The other range of incense holders are made of Wood, Brass, Soap- Stone, Lac Mirror.

clay incense holders

White metal Photo Frames are in the range of US$ 5.00 to US$ 8.00. The other type of Photo Frames are made of Wood, Aluminum, Zari, Hand Made Paper etc.
These can be made in different sizes .

white metal photo frame

brass, wood, stone, horn pipes, hukkas, chilams, etc.

These are Brass smoking pipes and other items in this category are Pipes, Hukkas, Chilams, Ashtrays etc. These can be made in Brass, Wood, Horn, Glass, Soap Stone etc.

These are Aluminum knitted baskets. There is a huge variety of baskets made of Aluminum, Wood, Wrought Iron, etc.

alluminum knitted baskets
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