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products offered

This is a comprehensive list of the products we make.

ITEMS: Boxes, Stationary, Toys, Candlesticks, Gift items, Walking sticks.

ITEMS: Candle sticks, Furniture(Chairs, Racks, Tables etc) Wind chimes, Bottle racks.

ITEMS: Pill boxes, Stationary items, Under cut animals/Plain animals, Wall plates.


ITEMS: Flower vases, Planters, Candle holders, Wall plates.

ITEMS: Purses, Pouches, Caps, Belts, Badges, Emblems.

ITEMS:  Reproduced Gramophones, Clocks, Nauticals, (Telescopes, Compasses, etc.)

ITEMS:  Ethnic design Letterheads, Envelopes, Paper pasted card board boxes.

ITEMS: Wall hangings, Table mats, etc.

ITEMS: Heart, Sun, Star, Moon, Bell, Bird, Santa, etc.

ITEMS: Necklace, Bracelet, Earring, Ring, Anklets, Hair Bands etc.

ITEMSPhotoframes, Travelling Chess sets, Baskets, Smoking Accessories etc.

ITEMS: Scarves, stoles, bandanas, saroungs, hair accessories, bags, caps, etc.

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