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wooden candle holders

These are Shisham Wood Candle Holders. These Candle Holders can also be made in Painted & Antique finish. These come in the range of US$ 2.00 to US$ 5.00

These are Shisham Wood Book Ends. There are many designs in this including Dolphin, Elephant etc.This set of Two pieces is priced at US$ 9.50

shisham wood book end set

rosewood elephant set

These elephants are made of Rose Wood. Other animals and shapes are also made in this category.

wooden photo frames

Wooden Photo Frames with Brass Inlay, Plain Finish, Painted, Carved, Jali etc. are made.

wooden pen stands, pens, paper weights etc.

Wooden Penstands, Pens, Paper Weights, etc are also made in Wood.

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