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To my dearest and lovely wife

Happy Birthday

with all my love and heart and body and mind,

I wish you all the love, luck and happiness one can get in life


(i might not have been a very good husband but I love you
 a lot more than I would love anybody else in this whole world)

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I want you now

Tomorrow won't do, There's a yearning inside, And it's showing through

Reach out your hands, And accept my love, We've waited for too long

Enough is enough

I want you now

My heart is aching, My body is burning, My hands are shaking

My head is turning, Do you understand, It's so easy to choose

We've got time to kill, We've got nothing to lose

I want you now

And I don't mean to sound Like one of the boys, That's not what I'm trying to do

I don't want to be Like one of the boys, I just want you, now

Because I've got a love, A love that won't wait, A love that is growing

And it's getting late, Do you know what it means, To be left this way

When everyone's gone, And the feelings they stay

I want you now

There were many sites from which I could have sent you a birthday card 
but then I thought why not make one specially for you. I am not a pro
like you, otherwise I would have made this card in Flash.

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I know that now you would want to send me a message,
so to make things easier for you click here